CUSP meets the academic needs of urban students through professional development, continuing empirical research in helping at-risk students achieve academic success, and educational summits for educational administrators and teachers. These collaborations positively impact the lives of urban students.

Professional Development 

The Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture at Texas A&M University is highly committed to providing professional development for teachers once they graduate and pursue a teaching career. The goal is to produce quality teachers and retain those same quality teachers in the field of education. Texas A&M University continues to enrich the literature and maintain positive working relationships with public school districts, universities and others that can make a difference in the life of a teacher. 

Empirical Research

CUSP funds and conducts empirical research with the goal of improving education for students in high poverty situations and at-risk backgrounds. This research is then shared through professional development and summits to ensure that all teachers have access to high quality and high impact practices to improve student learning.