Lunch and Learn

Don Sheffield, Ed.D- Dr. Sheffield provides extensive diversity training for corporations, businesses and schools. In addition, he conducts workshops for parents in maximizing the potential of their children. He is the founder and president of TAME Inc. (Techniques Assisting Motivation and Excellence), a consulting firm dedicated to cultural excellence by helping schools, families, and businesses understand the “practice” of high performance.

A major emphasis of Dr. Sheffield’s work is helping parents manage the academic development of their children. He has developed programs that incorporate excellence training at home and delivered numerous workshops for improving parenting skills. His academic experience, family background and athletic training has given him a unique perspective on the essence of excellence and high performance. He is the published author of “Practice Makes Perfect—Not!: Excellence is a Habit”

Dr. Sheffield’s presentation focused on how schools can think differently about what are the factors that allow students to truly maximize their potential, by examining both home and school learning practices and behavior and how they impact high performance.  Special emphasis was placed on parent involvement as major factors in student behavior; and teacher preparation in understanding the multiple learning styles emanating from the culture of the home and community. A link to the video of this presentation can be found below: